Convinced, Confused or NOT sure?….here is the Solution

October 27, 2021

Greetings to you and hope you are doing great today. 

Lots of people are overwhelmed after joining AIOP and do not know what to do next. I guess you may be having the same issues.

Yes, the products and services of AIOP are vast, and many are wondering how AIOP can provide this much for this cheap?

The fact of the matter is that AIOP Owners/Admins have been marketers themselves and ran many team-builds, but frustrated because most members of their teams were not making money and the business building tools were too expensive and not affordable by ordinary people like you and myself.

So, they asembled all these tools and services so their team members can use all in one place for fr.e.e or at a very affordable price. To make it easily affordable by members, they created a very lucrative affiliate compensation plan in the industry where by with just one referral all the monthly cost are covered. Just $10 per month for all the amazing business building tools and services.

As their teams grew, there was a popular demand to make these products and Services available to non-team members (the general public). And that is how AIOP came to be what it is today – available to the general public.

Making AIOP available to the general public is a decision AIOP Owners/Admins do not regret, as they are happy serving everyone. But they do certainly regret doing this at just $10, because these products and services are easily worth $800 per month.

And they cannot raise this price either, because they will end up hurting the same very people the system was originally designed to help/serve. That is why we can all benefit from this amazing system. That is why you must not take the system for granted.

The tools are many and overwhelming and will require some time to master a few of them. Even with such good tools, you will fail in AIOP, if your focus is only on the money.  

I will recommend you review all the tools first to see which ones you can use immediately to start building your business. Also consider the $10 monthly as a business expense. If you are building a business but has no business expense, then you have no business.

But the good news is that with AIOP, the business expense at some point is zero. As you use the tools and services to build your business – whether AIOP itself or another business, the money will follow

While on your AIOP BAck office, click on TOOLBOX to see the various products and Services available to you at no extra cost. 

For now, click on REFERRALS and click on promote, you will see all the various links available for you to start sharing AIOP. If you did copy the AIOP PIF CAMPAIGN, then consider using it mostly, as with it, you capture more leads and build your own online asset (list) faster.

The LCP are already connected to your auto Responder system with follow up letters´ series. However, you can still create your own campaigns.

As a matter of fact, take some time to review the top menu and what they contain. Make sure to use your advertising as well.

Hope this helps. contact me any time with any question.

In case you did not join AIOP yet, use the link below to join.